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P.O. Box 849
4469 Halepule Rd.
Waimea, Hawaii 96796
(808) 338-0031

Fax (808) 338-1814
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Why Stay in Waimea

For vacationers, Waimea offers a mild climate year 'round. Nearby are four major state parks including the incredible Waimea Canyon, described as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the forests of Kokee, the hanging cliffs of the Napali Coast and the sand dunes of Polihale.

This is not a busy resort destination, yet, all conveniences and historic sites of Waimea, once the leading village and port of entry for Kauai, are within walking distance.

Waimea offers restaurants, shops and markets, banks, churches, schools, police, movies at the restored Waimea Theatre, activities, a medical center, hosptial and emergency care, and historic sites, as well as its friendly people.



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